Life’s Little Surprises

So earlier this week I was in a car accident. I completely totaled my beloved 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid (Limited Edition), and although I walked away without any broken bones, I most definitely left with a bit of a broken heart. I lost my trusty sales sidekick, but worst of all, the accident put me seriously behind in my training progress for the month of December. My coach has been telling me to “lift heavy” in December to prepare for cutting in February, and now it hurts to even lift my arm to my laptop to write this. I’ve had prior back injuries due to cheerleading incidents, and training for half marathons, but this accident took the discomfort to another level. More road blocks… and what’s new?

It seems that every time I set out to achieve something that has incredible relevance in my life, I am conveniently faced with an obstacle that will easily and surely detour me from accomplishing my goals. I spent the last couple of days trying to figure out how to manage lifting when it hurts to stand and walk around for long periods of time. How will I complete my cardio? I suppose I can learn to love the dreaded stair climber or even the elliptical (gag!) instead of running, which I prefer. How will I lift weights above my head when it is painful to simply turn my head?

I decided that I need to supplement what I would usually do with something else so that I don’t get out of my newly-formed routine. And, maintaining my diet will definitely be key as I recover. The sedentary life has never been for me, and I’m not about to start now. My main focus is going to be revolved around strengthening my core, which, in turn, will help strengthen my back. I think I’m going to have to do a lot of this lying down. I can see it now, “Hey guys, I’ll just be over here on this mat, alllllll day”. I plan to incorporate some additional yoga, which I haven’t been as devoted to as of late. My focus is going to be to go back to lighter workouts, but not giving up completely. I’ve got a bike desk that I can use at home to ensure I keep my body moving as much as possible… As if going to the gym wasn’t hard enough already, now everything has got to be modified. Such a downer, but I’m certain it will pay off in the long run. It’s cool. I’ve got this…

Emotionally, I’m stressed. I loved that car. My car has always been my escape since I was of legal driving age, and this one had all of the bells and whistles. My ex-husband and I bought the Escape after my Land Rover decided to blow up and become the most expensive, unreasonable purchase I have ever made. I know it’s just a thing, and attachments are the devil, but I loved that old, lovely, reliable, eco-friendly pup. I call her a pup because my Ford Escape very much reminded me of a pet. That sounds silly, but come on, who doesn’t talk to their car like it’s a creature of some sort? So, when she died, and saved my life in the process, a little piece of me was sad. I suppose I have much more to be grateful for though. I came out of that without a scratch. I can handle a little back and neck pain, but it could have been so much worse. The good news is that I get to move on to the next chapter of my life, and a major part of me is anxious to get that convertible I’ve always wanted. The practical side of me is telling me to keep on with the SUV train. That a Subaru Forester is safe, reliabel, efficient, gets great gas mileage, has 4 wheel drive (Lake Tahoe is so close), and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. But the side of me that reminds me we only get one life to enjoy is telling me to go for the Mustang or Lexus (don’t judge me for my preference or contrast in luxury-type vehicles) before I am a grandma and regret never getting one while I was still young enough and single. The only thing is, now when someone pays attention to me I feel awkward and shy instead of sexy and confident, and isn’t that the point of owning a convertible? The thought of this makes me giggle a little because times have changed so much. A Lexus seems so “Roseville” to me though. If you’ve never been to Roseville, it’s a little place in the valley of California where people with barbed-wire tattoos and sparkly True Religion jeans, who listen to Nickelback, and grew up in a farm town on the major outskirts of a bigger city, think they’re hot shit because as adults they can now purchase magnificent homes at a low cost in a remote suburb, and put their children through the safest public schools in America. Apparently, if you live in Roseville, you truly believe you’ve made it. It’s excruciatingly hot during the Summer and, in my opinion, lacks a lot of history, diversity, or anything that actually matters to the rest of the world, but people out there definitely love their luxury vehicles. And if I own a Lexus, I bet I could fit right in (I can say this because I’ve lived there before- twice)!Wait, I might need a pair of those glittery jeans to go along with the car… come to think of it, the good ol’ Mustang is sounding pretty fun to me right now. ANYWAY, people can knock the make or model of your vehicle, but once you love something, it’s hard to lose it. Especially if you depend on it too. But, I am coping just fine in my Dodge Charger rental car until I figure out my next move.

The point is that things happen. Bad things. But there are always ways to turn these bad things into good things. If this had happened 5 years ago, I would have had a mental breakdown, and completely lost my shit wondering how I was going to get everything back in action after only a couple of days. I’ve got customers to visit, a child to tote around, and family living a road trip away that I need to get to for the holidays. Lately, I have been really good at finding the silver lining to things that can be unfortunate at the time. It’s most definitely worked out in my favor. When you focus on the outcome and envision what you want to see, the universe most definitely works in your favor to make it happen, even if you can’t see or understand how or why. The Beatles were right when they said, “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be”… it’s easy. Realizing things don’t matter, experiences matter- good and bad… They make you stronger, smarter, more creative, more resiliant, and help shape your future. Keep a positive outlook and all experiences can be good ones. I think I might go with the convertible afterall…

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