Well here is it. All that I feel I’ve been moulded for during all of these years is coming down to what I’m typing here, for you to read. It’s funny to think about the number of times I considered starting a blog. Almost every dramatic scenario that’s ever occurred in my life should be documented. You just can’t make this shit up… So why not document it all to share with the world, and give others a good laugh, or some thoughtful insight on what to, or what not to, do? I’ve finally decided the time is now. It’s my truest hope that over the course of the next 6 months, this will turn into something inspiring, uplifting, and helpful to others, and if anything, a comic relief. I plan to share some of my passions, experiences, and research with whomever will read it. There will be days ahead of sorrow, joy, pain, love, struggle and triumph! I encourage your input as I spill out this literary dialogue and hope to make this thing extremely interactive, as I feel everyone has something to contribute to one another… and with that said, here goes nothing…

A little bit about me… I’m 32 years old. I’m a single mother of a wonderful 7 year old boy who is wise beyond his years. He’s compassionate, strong-willed, mindful of others, and always willing to put his friends, family, and even strangers above himself. I don’t know why he chose me to be his mother. Like, seriously. I’m as fucked up as they come. Not like that “crazy” fucked-up (although I suppose everyone can gauge that on their own personal crazy-barometer), but I would consider myself to be a selfish person in a way, wild in a sense that I don’t really care what other people think of me, and I’ve never let anyone’s suggestion trump my inner beliefs (I think some would call that being stubborn). I’ve always done whatever I’ve wanted to, no matter who told me I couldn’t or that I shouldn’t. You can imagine this managed to piss a lot of people off. I go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat, from gym to glam in under and hour, and have been known to randomly jump in my car at any given time to take a road trip to wherever my heart desires… But, in the end, I don’t believe I would be exactly where I am now had I dulled my “passionate” side of myself. My son, being the gem that he is, has not seen a timeout, scolding, or reprimand in almost 4 years. I’ll get into my theory on that another day. Needless to say, I consider myself a blessed parent when it comes to that. To say I’ve dabbled in the fitness industry would be an understatement. I’ve been athletic for most of my life as far as I can remember, taking dance lessons as a child, and moving on to cheer, basketball, and volleyball in my teenage years. It was about 7 years ago when I found my PASSION for fitness. After having a child, and gaining a whopping 65 pounds during the process, I was left feeling miserable, fat (in my mind), hopeless, and what I thought to be ugly. Ugh, I hate that word so much. But, that’s how I felt. It took me about 7 or 8 months postpartum to realize that if I was going to change my appearance, I needed to change my lifestyle. Moms, you KNOW how hard this is when you are introducing baby to new foods, scheduling mommy meet-ups/playdates, and trying to simply stay sane by downing a glass (or bottle) of wine in the evenings… It seems nearly impossible to lose that extra weight! I want to touch more on this in a future post, because I can go on and on about the motivation I had to muster to just get started on this process. But, I did it, and I am damn proud of where the journey has taken me- even if there is some yo-yoing happening from time to time.

Let’s be real, you can’t be “on” ALL the time. We’ll get into that as well in the future… I don’t wish to bore you all with all of the fine details, but I want to mention a few more things about my journey and what has led me here today. I’m divorced, and was a stay-at-home mom during the first 3 years of my son’s life. I had a HUGE gap in my resume when it came time for me to go back to work. I had learn how to interview again, all while learning how to re-introduce myself to the single world, figure out how to pay my bills, and keep myself grounded enough to be a decent mommy too. They aren’t lying when they say that the struggle is real. It was. I lived in a run-down house, and bounced from job to job. And being the stubborn self that I was, I wanted to figure out how to make life better by myself.

Fast-forward, 3 years later, I’m back on my feet, working a full-time job in the freight industry, and am OBSESSED with fitness. However, I also have this love for wine and happy hour as well. Sometimes it’s hard to decide between whether I want to feel hungover from the gym or from a night out with the girls the next day. As we continue, I’m sure you’ll learn more about why I struggle with deciding between the two. But, we’ll save that for another post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear back from my readers about topics that interest them, comments on my stories, and anything fitness or diet related. Until next time…

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